Cirque du Soleil

Choose your own adventure

We sneak into the dressing rooms of this show by the hand of an acrobat, a clown, and a musician, through an interactive video: you get to decide who what you want to see at all times. You will have to choose from two options in a maximum time of ten seconds. An audiovisual ‘choose your own adventure’ – or a Netflix Bandersnatch – that intends to show Cirque du Soleil from another viewpoint. 
During the interaction, you can choose from three Cirque du Soleil characters who will join you behind the scenes of the show so you can see what you otherwise would not: kitchen, makeup rooms, gym, etc.

Fernando Díez


Miguel Berlanga


Talita da Lima


Color correction

Example of color treatment and documentary effects.

Production and editing
Carmen Castellón

Ángela Sepúlveda

Luis Rodríguez
Pablo Narváez
Francisco Mopeceres

Laura Martín

To try the interaction

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